Let’s Make a Difference Today…

Often we hear many people talking about ‘making a difference’…and some of us believe that to make the difference, we need to do something big…something challenging…or, something inspiring. Well, true, but we could also make the difference by doing small things…all we require, according to Professor Joseph L. Badaracco, Jr., of Harvard Business School, “an intense accountability to oneself…”  and “a genuine commitment to others…”(Badaracco, Questions of Character, 2006, p.85)

In India, we are very familiar with the proverb in Hindi : बूँद-बूँद से  भरता है घड़ा (Boond-boond se bharta hai ghara) meaning ‘a pitcher is filled drop by drop’. So steady efforts can lead to  a great impact…

Life presents us with many opportunities to make small but meaningful differences around us…supporting others…adding value to their lives by being more understanding…more helping…more forgiving…more appreciative…more sensitive…more positive…or, devoting our time mentoring young students, empowering them with values  and skills to succeed in their lives…or, giving opportunities  to the less fortunate to learn and grow…or, making our surroundings cleaner or greener…. The opportunity may come during a conversation in a meeting, on the sports ground, over the dining table, in a workshop or a class room, or listening to a friend… We need to be open to recognize and act on those opportunities… and contribute our bit to make a difference to the world around us.

When we give our time to make this world a better place, we actually give a part of our life to make the difference…

Are we ready to make this world better than we found it…?




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