Have You Appreciated Someone Today?

Have you ever thought what a word of appreciation can do to us? Before we attempt to answer… let us delve deeper  to unravel what appreciation is all about.

When we appreciate someone or something, we are displaying our awareness or understanding; or we are recognizing, valuing, admiring, respecting the worth, importance or quality; or expressing our feelings of gratitude and gratefulness; or simply saying thanks.

Why do we need to be appreciated? We human beings need to be appreciated…because it brings out the best in us. We love to hear words of appreciation like “Thank you”, “Good show”, “Well done”, “Excellent job”, “Keep up the good work”, “Great performance”, “We are proud of you” as these strengthen our resolve to do better than the best.

Is it necessary that we appreciate only if something big happens? No… not necessarily…you could even appreciate e.g., your spouse for a meal well cooked or for an effort made at home such as fixing a  TV set or a leaking tap, or assembling a new set of dining  table and chairs. You could also appreciate your young child for learning a new word or finishing the meal properly by just saying, “Well done” or by giving an appreciative pat on the back. You could appreciate your student in the classroom for asking a question or showing understanding of the concept that you have been trying to teach. You could show your appreciation to a colleague at the work place for extending a helping hand or a job well done. Well…there are numerous occasions for you to express your appreciation; you need not wait for something really big to happen…

Appreciation shown to a person over a period of time goes a long way in developing greater confidence and encourages the person to perform better. Appreciation helps us in making more friends thereby enlarging our circle of influence. Appreciation also leads us in nurturing happy and long lasting relationships at home, school, workplace, and in communities. Care must be taken to ensure that appreciation is genuine and from the core of our heart.

What happens when we do not appreciate? What will be your reaction if you are not appreciated? It may perhaps make you feel neglected, ignored, or even taken for granted. Would you like this kind of a feeling? Certainly not…In fact no one likes it.  And, what impact would it have on your relationships? Think about it…it would certainly be nothing to get elated about…or to write home about.

When do we appreciate? Is there a right time for showing our appreciation? Appreciation, I believe, should be timely for it to have greater effect. It should, as far as possible, be shown spontaneously and on the spot. It serves little purpose appreciating someone long after the event is over.

Each one of us needs a jhappi (tight hug) of appreciation, full of love, affection, and respect to bring out the very best in us…

So, do not forget to appreciate someone today…



8 thoughts on “Have You Appreciated Someone Today?

  1. So very true sir… Very well said… If we start doing this, we will contribute our bit in changing the world around us… Very timely reminder in today’s world…

    Appreciation is infectious, it bounces back or boomerangs i.e. it comes back to you like every other act… As you sow, so shall you reap… One point I would like to add… It is never too late to appreciate a good deed… It is better late than ever… I can tell from y experience, even though one may start doing it late, sooner than later it becomes timely over a period of time… So if I agree with the Idea of Appreciation, as Nike says… JUST Do IT…

    One more point I wish to add… Many times we feel shy of appreciating verbally or in the presence of the person, one may start doing it mentally… Just send a small note/ Tweet/ say it on Facebook/etc….. or just talk to yourself thanking the person, saying a few good words in your own mind…. It works, message reaches to the person and slowly we to overcome our shyness…

    Last but not the least, remember the scene from Munna Bhai MBBS when Munnabhai gives a Jadoo ki Jhappi to the janitor in the hospital…

    • Sir, I couldn’t agree more with you when you say that appreciation is infectious… it is never too late to express appreciation…and it must be conveyed ideally face to face, or through other means as you stated above including silent vibrations…Thank you very much for appreciating the post…Your comment has added more value to it…Regards…

  2. Just read at 05:30AM. Best article to start a day. Very fundamental act which will improve quality of every relationship. Explained in very simple and layman’s terms.

  3. People generally scrounge on appreciating others for reasons best known to them . This is a commodity that comes free n benefits the receiver n the giver both. In case v cannot verbally do it , we can surely write or even better give a “tight Jaaphi “–tight Hug !!!! 😀

    • Ma’am… “Appreciation costs nothing and benefits both the receiver as well as the giver”…How true… The simple act of appreciation can do wonders in nurturing our relationships and making them enduring…Thanks for visiting mPower360 and adding value to it…Regards.

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