Carve a Niche for Yourself…


“Greatness is not a commodity to be bought and sold in the market. A man does not become a historic figure by a fluke or quick wink of fate but by carving a niche for himself in the temple of fame. His greatness stature is the crowning result of his exceptional endeavours.”


– Prof. Agam Prasad Mathur (27 July 1930 – ), Scholar, Historian, Researcher, and Author of several books including ‘Petals of Love’ from which the above has been reproduced, Head Radhasoami Satsang, Former Vice Chancellor, Agra University, Agra, India (1982 – 1985 and 1988 – 1991), Photo Source: Radhasaomi Satsang


2 thoughts on “Carve a Niche for Yourself…

  1. Very well said. It reminds me of a line ” kuchh kiye bina hi, jai jai kar nahin hoti ” from the poem ” Himmat Karne Walon Ki, Haar Nahin Hoti “by Shri Harivansh Rai Bachhan.An Excellent Quote.

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