What Do We Really Need In Life?

We spend majority of our life working… accumulating material things like a big house, a big car, a big fat bank balance to take care of us on a rainy day. These are fine to a certain limit…because we do need them, not necessarily ‘big’… but over a period of time we get so busy with their accumulation that we lose sight of  our real needs…  So, what do we really need? Let us give it a thought….

What do we aspire for in life? It is certainly not the tangible things mentioned above… our most basic aspiration is to be happy…and that too not in spurts but on a continuous basis…yes it is possible to be in a state of happiness always…and for this…

We need to be trusted…to be accepted…and appreciated by others…we need to be respected…to be cared for…and loved in our relationships.

We need to have a purpose and meaning in life…We need to face challenges…that will not only make us serve others better but will also help us to grow and develop to our highest potential…

And…at the end of the day, we should have a feeling of being well utilized… for a cause… for a purpose…for making a meaningful contribution and adding value to others and finally, to be valued and recognized…


7 thoughts on “What Do We Really Need In Life?

  1. Dear Ashok, a wonderful job done by u in writing this blog. V always look fwd 2 ur blogs. However, let me share my views on the subject :- “Happiness is what every one wants. No doubt that at the early stage of life, one needs to get a solid grounding, but thereafter one must know that Happiness can only by achieved by GIVING ( through either Tan, Man or Dhan as said our Rishis) & not repeat not by Acummulation , unless this acummulated wealth is used for the larger benefit of Society. The 2nd most critical aspect to remain Happy is by limiting your desires for personal luxuries. The 3rd most critical aspect to remain Happy in your Inter-personal relations is by having Minimal Expectations from others.”

  2. I fully endorse your thoughts that Happiness is a very relative term. Ashok Ji I have experienced that when I am in complete control of my self ,peaceful n contented –n also in harmony with my relationships –I experience Divine Bliss !!!

    This is exactly my situation these days for which I am grateful to Almighty , every breath of my life !!!

  3. Dear Ashok,I fully endorse ur view about being in harmony within & with others. That alone ultimately gives happiness. Regards. May v all remain blessed like Meena jee.

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