Let Merit be not at the Mercy of Poverty…

The results of  Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) for admission to the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), institutes of higher education and of national importance in India, were declared recently. Every year, a very large number of aspiring students  all over India appear for this examination and very few make it to the select list. This year’s select list included the likes of Saroj brothers, Brajesh and Raju  of Rehua Lalgunj, Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh…Adil Dangui of Goa…Dhananjay Kumar of Samastipur, Sujeet Kumar of Madhepura, Prempal Kumar of Nalanda, Shrawan Kumar of Rohtas Districts, Bihar…All these meritorious students from different states of India had one thing in common, and that was… they all were from very poor families, unable to raise the necessary funds to pay their fee for admission to an IIT, despite their selection.

Media took up their cause and help poured in from all quarters including PMO, MHRD, and the State Government…We are a great nation…ever willing to extend a helping hand to those who need it the most to fulfill their dreams of studying at the educational institutions like IITs…The effort put in by the media, especially the Times of India, to bring their plight to the nation is highly praiseworthy.

But…I wonder…What would have happened if media had not taken up their cause  for financial help…In the worst scenario, they would have, perhaps, missed out on admission to an IIT and this would have not only adversely impacted the young brilliant students… but even our nation would have missed an opportunity to develop herself through the development of the young students like Brajesh, Raju and others…So, we need to have a system in place to identify, encourage, and help such meritorious but financially disadvantaged students…not leaving it to the media alone. This task could be undertaken at the Central and the State level, e.g., various educational boards like CBSE, CISCE, Boards of Education in different States and monitored centrally by MHRD. We should also earmark funds to support such meritorious students…Ultimately, our students are our human resource and their quality will decide what height our nation will scale…

Let merit be not at the mercy of money…or poverty…


2 thoughts on “Let Merit be not at the Mercy of Poverty…

  1. Very good idea Ashok Ji . Earnestly wish that the deserving n capable talents should be honestly identified n financially supported . An NGO can cooperate with various industrial houses , corporates n also make mass appeal to collect funds.
    Youth talent has to be horned for the good of the country !!
    Well worded by you Ashok ji . Keep writing n sharing.

    • Thank you very much for your encouraging words, Meena ji… Agree with you in totality, when you say… We need to identify deserving and capable talents early and support them in all possible ways…including financially… and for this we must have a system in place… Regards…

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