Human Spirit Knows No Limitations…

NL Beno Zephine, a 25 year old girl, from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India has become the first ever 100 per cent visually impaired Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer.

Ms. Beno Zephine with her proud parents..Photo Source:

Beno Zephine has set an example for people around the world that no matter what difficulties you face, what physical disabilities you have, you can still fulfill your dreams… if you believe in yourself… if you have a burning desire to succeed…if you are determined to surmount any challenge that come your way…if you have the passion…and lastly, if you are willing to put in sincere efforts. Nothing worthwhile ever gets achieved without sincere and dedicated hard work…

Beno Zephne has been a probationary officer with State Bank of India prior to joining the IFS. She is also pursuing a Ph.D degree in English literature.

Beno Zephine has recently been felicitated by the Government of India for her determination and zeal…


Hon’ble Union Minister Mr. Jitendra Singh Felicitating Ms. Zephine Photo Source: The Sen Times

May her example motivate all of us to excel…and to fulfill our dreams…


2 thoughts on “Human Spirit Knows No Limitations…

    • We set our limits based on our understanding of ‘Who We are’…When we have the right understanding of ourselves then even sky is not the limit…Thank you, Vijay ji for visiting my blog…Regards.

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