The True Meaning of Life….

“We are visitors on this planet.

We are here for ninety

or one hundred years

at the most.

During that period,

we must try to do something

good, something useful,

with our lives.

If you contribute to  other

people’s happiness, you will

find the true goal,

the true meaning of life.”


H. H. the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, Born 6 July 1935, Spiritual leader and Buddhist monk, Recipient of many awards and honours including the 1959 Raman Magsaysay Award for Community Leadership and the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize.


2 thoughts on “The True Meaning of Life….

  1. There is no age when one must do something for others but before doing for others we should try to change ourselves to leave example which Dalailama did

    • Wonderful…We can share only what we have within…So, we need to develop ourselves first…Thank you, Vijay ji for sharing such a valuable gem…Regards.

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