Who I am and Why I am here…

I am a veteran naval officer and now an educationist. After serving Indian Navy at high seas for more than three decades, driven by an urge to empower and shape young minds, I joined Krishna Institute of Engineering and Technology, an institute of higher learning located at Ghaziabad in India.   Besides, technology and management subjects, I also taught young budding engineers human values and professional ethics. As a teacher and mentor, I am passionate to share my experiences and learnings of all the years with my students, empowering them to be responsible citizens and members of the society . Currently, I am associated as a volunteer member  with “Baal Vikaas Bhaaratee”; a non profit trust focusing on developing  universal human values and scientific temper among young and impressionable children. In addition, I am also a research scholar working in the areas of  Values, Ethics, and Leadership, which are so close to my heart. I aspire to share this knowledge and in my small way bring about transformation in the society – instilling values and ethics into the thoughts and actions of the individuals around me.

I have been empowering young minds through my blog  since May 2012. Every time I share a blog post with my readers, I also learn and grow. I mostly write about topics that deal with empowerment, excellence, human values and ethics, leadership and relationships and like to give real life examples to motivate people to follow their examples. This powerful medium gives me an opportunity to collaborate and connect with people across the geographies   –  sharing, learning and growing from the mutual interactions through this blog.

I aspire to serve and make a difference in the lives of the people as it would give me a sense of satisfaction of having done a job well. Besides, I would learn many things from my wonderful readers who could help me enhance my quality of life. I, therefore, would like my posts to be more interactive, appealing, attractive, helpful to the young minds.

P.S. This post is in response to an assignment for the course Blogging 101 being conducted by Blogging University.


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