Saluting Aniket and Monali for their Honesty…

Honesty in poverty: Slum kids find, return bag with Rs 80,000“, a story carried on its front page by The Times of India’s Sunday Times, Noida/Ghaziabad edition of December 7, 2014.  The story is about two schoolkids, Aniket Bhoir, 12, and Monali Adari, 11, who live in Ambika Nagar, a slum in Bhiwandi, Mumbai and study in a nearby municipal school in class VII and V respectively. The parents of both the kids are from a very humble background. The duo while returning from school found a bag containing Rs 80,000, a huge sum, traced its rightful owner, a retired teacher, with the help of their parents and returned it.

Monali and Aniket

Monali (L) and Aniket (R): Photo courtesy – The Times of India

“I am happy that my daughter and her friend chose to be honest,” said Monali’s proud father. The act of honesty was highly appreciated by the locals, public representatives, and their teachers. Both the children were also felicitated by the president of the civic body.

The young children could have kept the bag along with the money with themselves. The poor parents could have shared the huge sum found by their children and utilized it for some other purpose. But they did not do so. Instead, they decided to act with honesty and returned the bag to its rightful owner.

Honesty, what does it mean? Why do people like to conduct themselves with honesty? Honesty means devotion to telling the truth, faithfulness to high moral standards, and ethical conduct. Honesty is a quality of being fair and truthful. Honesty is a value and values need to be inculcated among young children in their childhood. When we conduct our lives in alignment with the values, we attain within a state of calmness, tranquility, and peace. And, this state of being is nothing but happiness. On the contrary, when we conduct our lives in contradiction with values, we experience pain or unhappiness. In addition, we build our character by being honest. Trust and respect in friendships/relationships are outcomes of honesty as we repose trust and give respect to those who are honest. We also like to associate with people who are honest. No wonder, honesty is always the best policy.

I appreciate and salute the honesty displayed by Aniket and Monali.  I also salute their parents and teachers for inculcating value of honesty.

Bravo Aniket and Monali…You have set an example for other children by your honesty…Well done…We are proud of you…


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