Six Powerful Questions for Team Building…

Recently, the Indian Cricket Team currently touring England performed dismally in the test matches. After drawing the first test match and winning the second, the performance of the team in the next three test matches drastically declined and the team lost to England 1-3. The teams morale was down in the dumps. A lot of analysis was being done by the media to identify the cause for such a poor performance.

Indian Cricket Team. Photo Source www


Dr. Rudi V. Webster, famous sports psychologist and author of book entitled “Think Like A Champion” offered an advise, published by The Times of India on 24 August 2014, to the Indian Team to do soul searching as to why the team performed so poorly and what needs to be done to come out of such a slump. He offered the following six questions that the Indian team must ask and answer honestly to come out of this difficult situation:-

What do we want to achieve and become and why?

What standards should we aim for?

What do we stand for and believe in?

What are our most important values and priorities?

What is our action plan?

What are the bad habits, limiting beliefs and negative thinking that will hold us back? 

I thought of sharing these powerful questions with you simply because these are not only applicable to the Indian Cricket Team but also to any team working in organizations.  Soul searching using these questions and answering them honestly and thoroughly can bring out as to  what ails the team  and why it is not able to achieve its objectives. Once we are aware as to what ails us, we can take appropriate corrective action to come out as a winner.

“Success is not permanent and failure is not fatal,” with these words of Rudi Webster, I sign off this blog-post stating that failures are like the stepping stones for success and must be taken in our strides with self-belief, self-discipline and self-confidence, to emerge victorious.


4 thoughts on “Six Powerful Questions for Team Building…

  1. Such true words by Dr. Rudi V. Webster . I believe that as soon as the first question gets answered- The What and the Why, 50% of the task is done. The biggest thing that hinders people from achieving great heights is the first question.

  2. How are you Sir ? May Allah blessed with you unlimited happiness and peace ..I really get inspired after reading your blogs. Sir recently i go through a book named “Do’nt Be Sad ” This Book is really worth reading as i do’nt hv hard copy but i am giving you link of that copy kindly read once ……….

  3. On the occasion of ” Guru Utsav “, Modi in response to a child’s question replied,
    ” Don’t set goal to become something big. But aspire to do something big. If you don’t become big, you lose confidence while getting small task done boosts confidence.”
    The values, positive attitude and self belief; do give strength to stand straight ( without any tilt/ leanings even under pressure) and firm on your ground.

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