Arunima Sinha: Courage Personified

Recently, media reported scaling of Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world, by a twenty five year old Indian girl, Arunima Sinha. Arunima reached the 8848 metre high summit at 1055 h on Tuesday, May 21, 2013. Climbing Everest in itself is an extremely challenging and arduous task, but, what is remarkable about Arunima is that she is the first Indian and world’s first woman to do so with a prosthetic leg.

Arunima on top of Mount Everest

She hails from Ambedkar Nagar in Uttar Pradesh. She was thrown off a moving train for resisting a chain-snatching attempt, while travelling from Lucknow to Delhi on April 12, 2011. She was hit by a passing train and was grievously injured. Her left leg below the knee had to be amputated in a bid to save her life. She has reported to have told in an interview to an Indian Television channel that she had to do something in her life so that people stop looking at her with pity.

She not only left behind her traumatic experiences but trained hard…with determination and dedication… at the Tata Steel Adventure Foundation (TSAF) camp in Uttarkashi last year under the guidance of Bachendri Pal, the first Indian woman to conquer Mt Everest.

Arunima (Right) with Bachendri Pal (Left)

Last year, she also scaled the 6150 metre Island peak and 6622 metre high Mt Chhamser Kangri of Ladakh as a run up to her ascent to Mt Everest.

Arunima has amply demonstrated her indomitable spirit, true grit, steely willpower, tremendous courage and above all belief  in herself. She is a real example of courage personified.

What drives us to achieve such a feat? What motivates us to excellence? These questions still lurking in my mind, I sign off looking forward to your answers…



6 thoughts on “Arunima Sinha: Courage Personified

  1. Dear sir,

    I am delighted to read this coverage on bravegheart Arunima sinha.

    As I read it, I thought it would be great to share another similar achievement this year, when my 21 yrs old daughters scaled Everest on 19May. Since then and before, they have made several national and world records in mountaineering..more are likely soon. This despite having not a single funding or sponsorship support from anywhere so far.

    You need to just type ‘Tashi Nungshi Twin sisters Everest’ to get whole range of coverage in media.

    Some of the latest are copied below:

    I wonder if you would find theirs’ an inspiring story for our young people, especially our girls and women?
    warm regards
    VS Malik

    • Dear Sir,

      With much pleasure, I would like to dedicate my next blogpost to Tashi and Nungshi, who have done us proud. They display tremendous belief in themselves and I am sure that the whole world would certainly be richer to know more about them and follow the example they have set.

      Sharing with you, I always wanted to write about them since their news broke out on the Times of India. I still carry the cutting of that news item. In fact, I also did some research on them on the internet but could not get around to writing about them. It would be my honour to carry the story of their character, courage, dedication and determination, which is highly motivating and worth emulating by one and all.

      Sorry for the delay in replying to your comment as I was out of station and had no access to the internet.

      Best regards,

      Ashok Dua

      • This is very thoughtful Mr Ashok! Yes, in recognising these girls’ feat we are not only encouraging them for ever greater efforts, but honoring outdoor sports in the country and supporting the cause of our women. The twins have express focus on promoting the Girl Child. With roots in a village of Haryana’s Sonipat district, I would conclude “The EXPLORER twins have PERSEVERED the dream of climbing the seven highest peaks on the seven continents on our planet. Their dreams are powered by their COMPASSION towards the ‘Indian girl child’ of whom they are a part and for whose plight they are DILIGENTLY pushing their own physical, mental and emotional boundaries”.

        We appreciate your interest and good words for the twins.

        best regards,
        Virender S Malik

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