Darshana Credits Her Teachers for Her Remarkable Journey…

“MCD school to Cambridge,” so read the headline on the cover page of Sunday Times, April 14, 2013. The news item is about a 24-year old girl, Darshana Joshi, who has traversed an inspiring journey from the erstwhile MCD School in New Delhi, India to University of Cambridge in Cambridge,  England, United Kingdom, where she is currently pursuing her PhD in Physics. What a remarkable journey! Darshana, the daughter of an electrician, an employee with North Delhi Municipal Corporation, has done her parents as well as her teachers proud. Crediting her success to her immensely supportive teachers and mentors, she says, “Our teachers have shaped our thoughts and inspired us to dream. For people like us, teachers play a more crucial role than parents.”

Darshana Joshi ; Photo Source : jncasr

Her research in Cambridge University is supported by a number of scholarships. She plans to return to India and set up a laboratory. She also plans to empower women as she observes, “I also plan to contribute to encouraging and bringing in more participation for women in science and technology. Physics and Mathematics are most under-represented in terms of participation of women. We have to bridge the gap!”  To read the complete news report, click here.

Always Dream Big as “Any thing is possible, but it all starts with having a dream and then sticking with it through thick and thin,”  and with these words of Steve Case, I sign off this blog-post wishing you all a very Happy Dreaming.


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