Where There’s A Will There’s A Way

Today, I share with you the inspiring life story of Ashok  Munne, which appeared in The Times of India, New Delhi edition under the caption ‘On a limb, he’s eyeing Everest’ on Tuesday, January 22, 2013 (p. 5). The same story was published on The Times of India website under a different heading, ‘To Everest, with false leg and true grit’

Ashok Munne, 29, hails from Nagpur, a city in Maharashtra state in India. In 2008, he lost his right leg in a train accident but that has not dimmed his spirit even a wee bit, as is evident from the fact that, post accident, he has scaled several mountain peaks including those of Kugti Pass in the Himalayas (16,700 ft) and Mera Peak in Nepal (21,247 ft), becoming the first ever Indian with disability to do so. Now, in March 2013, he is aiming to scale Mount Everest (29,029 ft), a formidable task even for most of the able-bodied persons.

Mission Everest 2013

Ashok Munne’s Mission Everest 2013

Ashok Munne’s resolve to climb Mount Everest reminds me of Mark Inglis, a New Zealander, who lost both his feet to frost- bite and yet succeeded in climbing the tallest mountain in the world.  You may like to read more about Mark Inglis in my blog post entitled ‘Set Yourself An Inspiring Goal.’

What drives persons like Ashok Munne or Mark Inglis to perform such a feat ? “I want to become a source of hope and inspiration for thousands of people who have suffered a similar fate. They must pursue their ambitions, not resign to fate,” so says Munne.   

If Munne can do it, I’m sure, you too can; and for this, what you need is discipline, dedication, determination, and will power. 

Surely, ‘Where there is a will there is a way,’ and with these words, I sign off this post wishing Munne all the success in Mission Everest 2013.


11 thoughts on “Where There’s A Will There’s A Way

  1. The things which are hpng in my life…….gvng me a grt lesson……nd m thnkful ta8 m learng so many thngs….nd gtng smthng nw 2 do….
    thx 2 God nd the ppl who r gvng me tis grt opportunity.

  2. sir encouraged by you.. here is my little effort which i would like to share with you.. my poem..”a lesson of life”

    Adorned by many,
    Loved by a few,
    a canary sung in merry,
    revealing its heart’s truth…

    A voice so assuasive,
    In a world so persuasive,
    Serenity and calm reflected,..
    its every motion inacted,
    A beautiful enigma that i saw..
    I was dumbstruck. i was in awe…

    Contemplating and reflecting,
    As i sat…
    Underneath the canopy,
    Of shadows and death,…
    The mellifluous chirp..
    Of that cherubic soul,
    Scintillated a thought,
    that sketched me more…

    It told me of..
    the visions it had seen,
    Of beauty, love,
    And glory they mean…

    Glimpses of sorrow,
    alleviating the pain,
    It told of suffering,
    remorse and disdain..

    Plethora of happiness,
    Abundance of pain..
    What has begun,
    has its end for sure,
    But never in the way,
    The stakes are the same…

    As the song ,
    echoed through the air,
    I stood up meekly,
    saw a face,
    so gentle and fair,
    A lesson taught to me,
    in this fashion,
    I saw the face of life,
    That enkindled in ..
    A passion….

    A passion for wisdom..
    A passion for mirth..
    A passion for love..
    -Of which i was devoid..
    – i learnt a lesson,
    that filled my pertaining void….

    Cherish, seek, learn, love and care,
    Then there will be no room for despair..
    For pleasures and pain..
    come as they go..
    Caricature they are..
    that this life show..
    – Yash Mathur

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