If We Think We Can, We can

Today, I share with you the inspiring life story of Naveen Gulia, which appeared in The Times of India, New Delhi edition of  January  25, 2013 under the caption “Life is beautiful, indeed!” (p.15)


Naveen sitting atop Pangong Tso Lake in the Himalyas
(Photo courtesy : The Times of India)

Born on July 16, 1973, Naveen, at 18, joined the National Defence Academy (NDA) on June 28, 1991. During the training at NDA, whilst participating in a competition on April 29, 1995, he got grievously injured. His whole body was paralyzed and the only part of the body that he could move was his eyes. He was hospitalized and was discharged after two years as 100 per cent disabled. Post discharge from hospital, he has worked very hard as is evident from his achievements that includes a world record in adventure driving from New Delhi to Marsimik La at 18632 feet. Besides, he has flown hang-gliders and micro-light aircrafts. I am sure you would like to read his story as it appeared in the News paper  and to know one of the most important lessons of his life.

I would like to reiterate  what I said in one of my earlier blog posts entitled ‘Set Yourself an Inspiring Goal‘ that nothing is impossible if you have the burning desire and a go-getter attitude backed by diligence, discipline, determination, dedication and doggedness, as amply displayed by Naveen.

Lastly; ‘If we think we can, we  can’, with these words of Naveen, I sign off this blog post reiterating yet again that Nothing is Impossible.


13 thoughts on “If We Think We Can, We can

  1. Dear Sir,Thanks for the inspiring and enlightening thoughts/stories on your blog. The last one renews our strength and faith that If We Think We Can, We certainly can.Regards,M K Sharma

  2. this is a place where one can always turn up to get motivated and personally whenever i read and re-read the posts i get something new to learn and to adopt in my life…. thank you sir for creating the blog and for instilling in us those values which books cannot provide …

  3. The excellent way of inspiring and motivating us to action….sir..especially the quotes were very very true and realistic.

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