Empowering Young Minds…

Pathfinding, aligning and empowering are the three basic functions that a principle-centered leader is required to perform, so said Stephen R. Covey, the famous author of ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’, in his article ‘Three Roles of the Leader in the New Paradigm’ published in the book entitled The Leader of the Future – New Visions, Strategies, and Practices for the Next Era‘.  Values and Vision show us the path to which we need to align organizational structure, systems and processes and empower people to achieve our mission. As per Covey, Empowering means :

“Igniting fire within people that unleashes their latent talent, ingenuity, and creativity to do whatever is necessary and consistent with principles agreed upon to accomplish their common values, vision, and mission.”

Blog “mPower360” exists for ‘Empowering Young Minds’, which simply means encouraging, motivating, involving, challenging, and enabling the readers to develop an ‘I CAN DO’ attitude to face any situation that life presents with self-confidence and right understanding. Each and every blog post is written with utmost dedication as in it I see the glimpse of my purpose and a glimmer of hope that it will  touch the lives and a make a difference.  

Lastly; if my blog offering is able to touch and transform even one person, it is, I believe, well worth the effort. With these words, I sign off  wishing my readers a Very Happy Republic Day, the day celebrated every year on 26 January, since 1950, to commemorate the moment when the constitution of India came into effect.


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