Some People Make it their Business to Put Smile on Others Faces

Some people make it their business to put smile on others faces… I recently met one such person, Mr D R Mehta,  at  All India Management Association (AIMA), the national apex body  of management professionals in India. On 14 September 2012, I had gone to AIMA, along with one of my colleagues,  to attend an interactive session  at Management House located at Lodhi Road in New Delhi. Mr D R Mehta, Founder and Chief Patron of Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS), popularly known for Jaipur Foot, addressed us on ‘Corporate Social Responsibility: Commitment and Success – Jaipur Foot’. The session was chaired by Dr J S Juneja, Past President AIMA and Chairman Global Projects and Services Pvt Ltd.

Joined Indian Administrative Service in 1961, Mr D R Mehta has had an illustrious career spanning more than four decades. He has held many prominent positions including those of the Chairman of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) (1995-2002) and Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of India  (RBI) (1992-95). He is the recipient of many national and international awards. He has been conferred with Padma Bhushan by the President of India in 2008. He received AIMA Public Service Excellence Award in 2011 and this year, has been selected for Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award for his outstanding contribution towards promotion of Communal Harmony, Peace and Goodwill. He is also a Director on the Europe/Asia Board of Alfred Sloan School of Management, MIT, USA.

Founded in 1975 by Mr D R Mehta, Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS), a non-governmental, non-religious, non-sectarian, non-political society, has come a long way. It started in a very humble manner by providing 59 limbs in the year of its inception. Last year, this figure touched 64011 mark. Selfless Service with Respect, Dignity and Equality are the values that BMVSS stands for. Under the inspiring leadership of  Mr D R Mehta, it has emerged as the largest organization in the world in service of the physically challenged people providing them artificial limbs, calipers, crutches, wheel chairs, hand-pedaled cycles, and many other aids and appliances for free. It has touched the lives of more than 1.3 million beneficiaries. What a remarkable achievement! The Economic & Social Council of the United Nations Organization (UNO) has granted Special Consultative status to BMVSS. In addition, Time Magazine has rated Jaipur knee as one of the 50 best innovations of the world in the year 2009. I salute the human spirit behind the success of BMVSS making a difference in the lives of millions of physically challenged people  all over the world by helping them regain mobility and, more importantly, self-respect and dignity.

During the interactive session, he made the following key points:

  • SEBI was the first one in India, to introduce the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), in 1999. It was felt that a company when it raises funds from the public through an Initial Public Offering (IPO), to run its business, it becomes responsible to the public.
  • Although many companies are involved in CSR activities, yet the social humanistic work done has not increased commensurable with their growth. The allocation for CSR activities has, by and large, stagnated and has not kept pace with the company’s growth.
  • We need to constantly ask ourselves :
            What the purpose of my life is,
            What the meaning of my life is and
            What really matters for me.
  • We need to take stock of what we have done and achieved so far :
            Have we achieved satisfaction, or just accumulated material wealth?
  •  Most number of people attached to money in this world, are Indians… बहुत कमाए हीरे मोती, अफ़सोस मगर कफ़न की जेब नहीं होती.
  • We are human beings, but we need to be more humane and need to give more to social causes.

Here, I would like to quote, from the brochure I received from Mr. D R Mehta, the touching words of Eliane and Armand Neukermans, the eminent US scientists:

” As we stood among the poorest of the poor in Jaipur, some of them coming there from thousands of miles away, we realized that this was not about fitting limbs, but about restoring dignity to other human beings, and in the process, to ourselves. For it is in giving that we receive. There may be other places in the world where compassion is that tangible, it is just that we had not seen any.”

Towards the end of the session, he showed us some video clips about the work undertaken at BMVSS and pointed out a number of times, that we should look at the smile on the face of the boy in the clipping; I realized  that this person was deriving his happiness out of the smiles that he was able to put on the faces of others. At the end of the session, I mentioned to him with a smile, that it appears to me that you are getting paid  in terms of smiles… He gave, in return, a very big smile … No wonder, people like Mr. D R Mehta make it their business, No … They make it  The Purpose of Their Life, to put a smile on the faces of others.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others“. With these words of Mahatma Gandhi, I dedicate this blogpost to Mr D R Mehta and his devoted team at BMVSS, who are putting smiles on the faces of millions of physically challenged people, selflessly…

I would also like to take this opportunity to appeal to you all, my dear readers, to contribute to whatever extent possible, to support such a social cause.


8 thoughts on “Some People Make it their Business to Put Smile on Others Faces

  1. There’s this poem that I had written which kind of correlates to giving smiles to people and realising true happiness.


    Mirror reflects my face every day,
    I see me enhancing my face,
    I smile at myself,
    Adjust my features
    To start another fake day.

    Another day comes.
    Déjà vu….
    Once again my face is reflected.
    I see and smile.
    See, see, see……..

    Reflection, not smiling.
    Heart, bleeding.
    Mind, wondering
    Over every past day.

    Asks my reflection-“Why smile your face, when your heart not?”

    I remain quite.
    No answer to give.
    Just questions in my mind.

    I hate my smile.
    Can’t see my face.
    Mirror is not a solace.
    I can’t face myself.
    It’s not me.


    Another day.
    But no mirror.
    Fake day.
    But true self.
    No fights, no talks.
    Just silence and thoughts.

    I help a child.
    Make her smile.
    Stop the tears in her eyes.

    I make truce with my enemy.
    Surprise her with my self irony.
    And leave her wondering.
    Maybe even happy.

    I feel better.
    I want to smile.

    I see the mirror
    And adjust my mind.

    Tears in my eyes.
    Smile on my face. :’)
    My reflection smiles back and says-
    “You are beautiful today” 

  2. Very true…sir. The real hapiness of life exists in being happy and making others happy.Smile has become very precious in today’s scenario.A few talented people who have the ability to remain cheerful always, can only put a true smile on the face of others.Such people are the diamonds of the human race.

  3. Sir, this article is such a masterpiece of inspiration and happiness. what we all thrive for is material happiness and lives in an illusion that, this was the very thing we wanted but it is far from reality, the real happiness lies in making people around you happy and this is what this article taught me. Thank you sir 🙂

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