Hard-Work Leads To Excellence

Unmukt Chand and his team mates did India proud when they won their third Under – 19 Cricket World Cup beating Australia by six wickets. My heartiest congratulations to the Indian team for winning the Under – 19 World Cup. Well done!

His  paternal uncle, Shri Sunder Singh Thakur, a journalist by profession, had this to say about Unmukt, the skipper of the Indian team, who led from the front scoring an unbeaten century (111 runs):

“He was just four when he started playing cricket. He is very hard-working. For the past seven-eight years, he has practiced seven-eight hours a day. Kids his age go to the pubs, but he has no distractions for him.” (The Times of India, New Delhi, Monday, August 27, 2012)

What a remarkable example of grit, dedication, hard work and focus, the qualities that always lead you to ‘Excellence’.

“There is no substitute to hard work”, with these words I sign off this blog post wishing that we have many ‘Unmukts’ leading India on the path of glory and excellence…


8 thoughts on “Hard-Work Leads To Excellence

  1. How true Sir. There is no substitute to hard work. How much ever intelligence you have , but if you don’t work hard smartly to put it to use, it will rot.

  2. Quite true, sir. Hard work always pays off….. But St Stephen’s principal said that Unmukt won’t be able to appear for his exams due to lack of attendence. Last time Unmukt had to knock Delhi High Court’s door to get his admit card. But this time again the principal is not letting him appear for his exams though he ‘liked’ his performance in the U-19 WC. Sir, what’s your opinion on this?


    • In my opinion, St Stephen’s College has little choice but to follow the rule of attendance of Delhi University, of which the college is a constituent.

      Perhaps, a feasible solution to the problem could be the conduct of remedial classes by the college for those who missed the regular classes on account of training and participation in sports. A student by attending the remedial classes not only acquires academic knowledge, which is essential to earn the academic degree but is also able to make up the shortage of attendance. For example, an ‘Arjuna‘ award is given for excellence in sports and the same cannot be awarded for academic excellence. Similarly, the academic degree cannot be awarded for excellence in sports; it can only be awarded on the basis of academic performance in the examination.

      Having said this, I would like to add that a fair system should always endeavour to review its rules, regulations and policies, on a regular basis, and evolve so that no injustice is ever done to any ‘Unmukts‘ who do the country proud.

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