Think Big…Always

The countdown for XXX Olympiad London 2012 has begun. There is all round excitement in the air. Media is abuzz with the stories about the best of the best who would be vying for the honours at the 2012 London Olympics. The whole world will be keenly watching the contests especially between Usain Bolt, the World’s fastest man, and the fellow Jamaican Yohan Blake, who has recently beaten him in both 100m and 200m races at the Olympic trials. Besides,  the swimmers to watch in action would be Michael Phelps, eight gold medals winner at 2008 Beijing Olympics and Ryan Lochte, who has beaten him at the 2011 World Championship in 200m free style and Olympic trials. In addition, we will watch the Indian sports persons like Abhinav Bindra, Deepika Kumari, Gagan Narang, Jayanta Talukdar, M.C. Mary Kom, Ronjan Sodhi,  Sushil Kumar,  Saina Nehwal, Vijay Kumar, Vijender Singh and many others competing and doing their country proud by winning medals. I am also eagerly looking forward to watching an athlete from South Africa in action. The name of this athlete is Oscar PistoriusYou may ask me as to why I am so keen to see him participating at the 2012 London Olympics. Well, there is a reason for it.

Oscar Pistorius, also called the Blade Runner as he runs on carbon-fiber blades, is the fastest man on the earth with no legs. When he was only 11 months old, his both legs were amputated half way between knees and ankles. He will represent his country in the 400m and 4x400m relay races. This is the first time that a double amputee will take part in the able-bodied events in addition to the Paralympics, wherein he will defend his 100m, 200m, and 400m titles won at the 2008 Summer Paralympics. He believes:

“You are not disabled by the disabilities you have, You are able by the abilities you have.”

You must be wondering to know as to what it takes a human being to attain such heights of success despite the odds. It is nothing but the Self-effort that springs from the right understanding, which is the key to success in any human endeavour. It is said, “As is the effort, so is the fruit.” Some times, despite putting in our best efforts, if we find that success is still evading us then there is a need to check whether the efforts are right, and if not, then we need to take immediate corrective action.

Just remember that it takes only a little ‘extra’ effort on your part to transform  yourself from ordinary to ‘extra-ordinary’. What you need to do is to ‘Think Big’. Always set  yourselves meaningful goals and go after them persistently. You are capable of scaling higher peaks of excellence.  And even sky is not the limit for you….You have the potential within to soar much higher… to those heights which have never been explored before…

Human spirit knows no boundaries. If you believe in your self,  you can achieve anything… Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE…What do you say? I shall be looking forward to your comments…

Lastly; Oscar Pistorius’ words, “You are not disabled by the disabilities you have, You are able by the abilities you have”still reverberating within me, I sign off this blog post saluting the Human spirit.


8 thoughts on “Think Big…Always

  1. Really motivational sir…we should not give up because of the situations and our incapability rather we should make them the reason to make greater efforts.

  2. This is a poem that I had written about thinking big about oneself. A different theme from the blog but still similar-

    I AM

    I sometimes wonder what I am
    in this unending universe,
    a useless life , a hopeless soul
    An existence in a sea of humans!!

    I sometimes wonder what I am
    In a tormenting race bred of hatred,
    Just a life given birth to, to continue the legacy,
    Or just a mindless mistake?

    I still keep thinking what I am
    And why was I ever born?
    To vegetate, and do just like others,
    Be a part of the crowd?

    Then one day
    Again while wondering,
    Why I cease to be? I get an answer to
    my question, from the being inside me.

    I am the ethos of this universe
    The mighty unending being,
    I am the only creation of this experiment
    That has the power to unravel its mysteries.

    I am the creation of the
    Two other souls who gave birth to me.
    And yes, I am supposed to carry on the legacy
    Of the hallmark personage,
    Creating my own niche.

    I am the power of the nature
    Which has been logically formed.
    To use for the mankind’s growth
    And to self-empower.

    I am the leader of the crowd
    A new path I have to form
    For them to follow, go and learn
    The things that I have learnt.

    I have eternal power within
    To change the world I live in,
    This universe is my playground I realize,
    So I know what I am.

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